Asset-Based Lending

Borrowing against assets is far more flexible now than ever before. Leverage stock on hand, invoices, buildings, vehicles, or land to access fast cash.

Loan Amount

$100k – $50M


Up to 25 years

Starting @ 8%

Starting @ 8%


As fast 2 days

Commercial Asset Based Lending from JD Rowe Financial

When a company borrows money, it may need to leverage existing assets to do so. Asset-based lending (ABL) can come in handy in many different situations, mainly because it is easy to qualify for and can offer more flexibility for borrowers.

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These options also work well for companies that don’t have a lot of liquid funds. If the business has most of its equity tied up in real estate or inventory, it can tap into that money to smooth out any cash flow problems and create reliable lines of credit.

At JD Rowe Financial, we’ve helped many clients find the right financing option to suit their needs. Suppose you’re worried about having enough money to pay operational expenses. Asset-based lending can work for you to obtain cash and avoid shortages. Give us a call today to discuss your financing options.